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Vieda – the bringer of digital traditions and technologies.


More than 5 years Vieda Konsultatsiooni OÜ, Tallinn based company, produces mobile phones, smartphones and accessories, which have become well-known among users. We develop, design and create. No more, but no less.

Everything, that we produce, is the result of our long engineering experience, strong production discipline and abilities for rapidly deploying the latest and most up-to-date innovative solutions, because we believe that this must be the only way to create the best products.

According to our corporate philosophy, every product we produces deserves to be a part of your life, and this is what you can make certain of, because any our product you buy have a very good quality, meet all safety requirements and targeted to be in use for years, being the result of hard and honest work.

Vieda product line meets the broad needs of both advanced or home users. Our principles are quite simple: “the price should match the cost”, therefore, you will never be overcharged buying our mobile devices, power banks or any other accessories. Just quality and components.

Vieda guarantee its high quality at affordable price. Being under the Hong Kong management standards and employing top-notch crew of specialists, Vieda carry through the complete cycle of manufacturing – from researching and preparing new ideas for market to permanent product quality control.

We using as partners manufacturing plants in China were the most up-to-date producing equipment are used, and only the most reliable raw materials suppliers are being chosen.

All our factories are certified under the ISO 9001 quality standard, so that you can be fully assured of the high quality and reliability of all models in our product line.

Every month our team visiting the manufacturing sites in order to maintain close control over researching and manufacturing stages.

Every Vieda product you buy, is the result of constant research of customers needs, strong manufacturing control, in-time delivery by any kinds of transport, flexible payment terms and long term relations.

We believe, that our products brings you true satisfaction and enjoyment!

Sincerely yours,

Rodion Poder

Member of the Board


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